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Wedding films are more than just a sequence of clips paired with romantic music, they are stories built around your beautiful day. When it is all over, they let you travel back in time and relive your wedding day.

A wedding is much like a fairy-tale, as a storyteller, I strive to bring out the best in your day. My unique approach to filmmaking enables me to turn even the most mundane situations into true works of art. With the help of mobility and motion skills I will capture and display your ceremony in a way you have never seen before.

When telling a story, communication is everything. As a passionate people person, I aim to understand the couple on a deeper and more personal level. This allows me to learn and adapt different film techniques to best suit each individual couple. No two weddings are the same and it is vital that each video is best tailored to your beautiful day.

Wedding days can be stressful, after all it is your big day! However my unobtrusive approach to filming let’s me stay out of sight and out of mind! I ensure that all films are captured using professional compact equipment. Using this I can get close to the action without invading your personal space. This style of filmmaking ensures I can adapt to any unforeseen circumstances, while still getting the shots needed to document your special day.

I ensure that each film best matches the atmosphere, location and theme of your special day, while keeping you at the centre. Whether it is the colour grading process or unique video pacing, I can guarantee that they will be made to best represent your beautiful day.

I aim to ensure that you have a wonderful and unforgettable experience and that each film can let you take a trip back in time and experience it all again.